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About Han's CoolHan's Cool is an affiliate of Han's Laser integrating R&D, manufacture, sales, and service. It is a professional manufacturer of cooling accessories of industrial manufacturing equipment. Since its inception in 2002, Han's Cool has been staffed with a multitude of technical experts dedicated to the R&D and manufacture of cooling accessories of industrial equipment. Through relentless R&D and manufacturing innovations, Han's Cool, along with the growth of Han's Laser, has become a professional manufacturer of cooling accessories of industrial equipment in China. Han's Cool provides its customers with a full range of cooling accessory solutions and facilities. Main products include: industrial water chiller, industrial oil cooler, industrial air conditioner, industrial cryogenic refrigerator, industrial central cooling/pumping system, and industrial air cooler and variable frequency industrial cooling equipment. Han's Cool has applied for and been granted with multiple national patents, of which the technologies of “High-precision thermostatic water chiller", "A heat exchange system and cooling equipment", and "Constant temperature and constant pressure variable frequency centralized pumping system" have been widely applied in the market and gained customer loyalty and support.


Han's Cool is located in the Han's Laser Global Production Base which has a pleasant environment, well-established management, and advanced equipment installation. Han's Cool has marketing department, R&D department, production department, logistics department, quality department, warehouse department, and after-sales service department, and its service points are distributed across the country. Han's Cool has a floor space of over7, 000 square meters for product R&D and manufacturing, divided into a low-power product production area, high-power product production area, maintenance area, inspection area, warehousing area, office area, and laboratory. Han’s Cool has advanced production equipment and self-developed product performance test devices to guarantee the performance and quality of its products.


Han's Cool manufactures over20, 000 sets of industrial cooling products annually. We are preparing to introduce assembly lines recently, and our annual production capacity is expected to exceed30, 000 sets in the future. The cooling capacity of chillers ranges from 30W to 400KW. Major refrigeration modes include thermoelectric refrigeration, vapor-compression refrigeration, and water-water heat exchange refrigeration. The medium temperatures provided by chillers range from –60℃ to room temperature based on different cooling requirements. Three frequently used temperature control modes are available, that is, low-precision temperature control (±2.5), medium-precision temperature control (±0.5/±1.0), and high-precision temperature control (±0.1), which meet the temperature requirements of various parts and equipment such as laser processing equipment, CNC machine tools, injection molding equipment, electroplating equipment, vacuum evaporation equipment, LED equipment, linear motor, high-speed spindle, high-precision positioning beam, and process tooling etc.

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